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Schedule all your family events in the online calendar
Never miss a date, appointment, or game again! The online calendar allows you to schedule all your family's events and will leave you wondering how you ever kept up with everything before.
Associate family members with their events
The calendar allows you to associate events with one or more family members. This way everyone knows where and when they need to be somewhere.
Plan your day, week, month, or entire year
The calendar features a scheduling tool that will allow you to input one time events or recurring events. Choose from scheduling events daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. This is an especially great option for remembering birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions.

Create Customized To Do Lists
Never lose or throw away another To Do List! The online To Do List allows you to enter tasks, set a completion date and cross them off once completed!
Assign Tasks To Family Members
Personalized To Do Lists can be created for each member of your family. This is a great way to keep track or household chores! This feature also allows you to view tasks assigned an individual or to the entire family.

Plan Your Menu
Plan your daily menu for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks or special occaions with the Menu feature. Recipes can be imported directly from your personal recipe box.
Enter Your Own Recipes in the My Family Day Planner Recipe Box
Keep track of all your favorite recipes online in The Recipe Box. Recipes can be categorized and personalized so you can keep track of all your changes and preferences.
Create Customized Cookbooks
Create customized cookbooks with this feature that will keep track of family favorites, new recipes to try, recipes the family didn't like...the possibilities are endless.
Search Recipes
Search your recipes and other My Family Day Planner members recipes by specific categories. Get new ideas and feedback from other members to keep your family satisfied and full!

Create Customized Grocery Lists
Create a list to your favorite grocery store, department store, or other stores that you frequent. Add items to the list, save the items, delete them or cross them off as you go. This online feature is a simple way to get your family to add items that have been finished or used up.
Print Your Lists
Print your entire lists or just specific items to make your shopping trips quick and simple.
Load Grocery List from The Menu
Load a grocery list from your menu with this unique and time saving option. Choose the dates you want to shop for, load the menu, and the grocery list will display what ingredients you need and how many recipes those ingredients appear in.

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